Let’s support home services for senior citizens with integrated service channels

VG wants senior citizens to be able to stay home longer by supporting home care and integrating home nursing and social home care, in collaboration with the national government and municipalities, increasing residency and service channels.

Let’s subsidize income-related recreation for children

VG wants to increase recreation subsidy for children in low-income households.

Let’s improve reception of immigrants

Let’s implement financed action plans against sexual violence in all municipalities

Let’s standardize financial assistance between municipalities, ensuring that aid is dignified

VG wants the amount of municipal financial assistance standardized between municipalities, a dignified amount so that no one is left behind.

Let’s increase health care for seniors and prevent loneliness

Let’s reject all privatization of social and welfare services

Let’s shorten the work week

VG supports the shortening of the work week. It is important that its introduction during municipal labour negotiations goes well.

Let’s ensure access and participation for society’s differently abled people

VG wants municipalities, in collaboration with the government and the private sector, to guarantee access and participation for differently abled people in society; especially in the context of the digital society.

Let’s guarantee free instruction learning Icelandic for municipal employees of foreign extraction

VG wants municipal employees of foreign extraction to receive free instruction learning Icelandic during working hours.

Let’s guarantee victims of violence social services

Municipalities should work with a chain of responsibility in the purchase of goods and services in mind

VG wants the municipalities to bear in mind that all contracts for the purchase of goods and services should be made so that labour contracts are honoured along with other rules of the labour market, such as clear clauses regarding chain of responsibility.

Let’s view social and welfare services holistically, ensuring the integration of disparate systems

VG wants to take a holistic view of social and welfare services, ensuring the integration of disparate systems.