Residential housing costs should never exceed a third of disposable income

Let’s set clear rules about short-term rent to tourists

VG wants to guarantee clear rules about to short-term rent to tourists for the benefit of locals.

Planning should consider the needs of residents and social diversity

VG wants planning for apartment complexes to consider social diversity and the needs of residents and the environment.

Let’s develop 15-minute neighbourhoods

VG wants 15-minute neighbourhoods in municipalities which contain all general services.

Let’s develop a safe and healthy environment, reducing travel demands and emphasizing diverse means of transport and public transit.

VG wants planning to take speed limits, air quality and noise into account, so everyone can live in a secure environment free of harmful circumstances. –

Let’s support non-profit rental groups by guaranteeing them housing lots

VG wants lots fyrir non-profit rental groups in municipalities.

Let’s increase the possibilities for municipalities to have initiative protecting environments

VG respects protected and pristine environments in urban and rural areas; and wants municipalities to show more initiative propagating protected areas throughout the country.

Let’s plan for the storage and distribution of eco-friendly energy within municipalities