Let’s make day care and school meals free

VG wants to move towards free day care and school meals.

Let’s enhance quality of life by bridging the gap between parental leave and day care

VG wants to bridge the gap between parental leave and day care to ensure quality of life for families of young children. VG wants municipalities to practice equality by example, caring for groups in vulnerable circumstances.

Let’s ensure equality by caring for groups in vulnerable circumstances

All schools should nurutre diversity: we are all different

VG wants lgbt-friendly municipalities to begin in the schoolroom. All schools should nurture diversity.

Let’s strengthen prevention education with more gender education in schools and education about the digital society.

Let’s promote Icelandic teaching and improve children’s literacy

Let's improve the working environment for our teachers

VG wants to improve the working environment of teachers, promote the cooperation of the government and municipalities to increase the number of education students, thus supporting a higher proportion of professional teachers in all school levels.